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How to Keep up your Mental Health During Lockdown.

Like many you, when the lockdown was first announced I was upset , confused & unsure about the future. I was worried since my bedrock, my mom was away to hills and was concerned about her return.

However speaking to her daily and talking to a close friend got me to realise that we are never alone & we must learn to adapt. I know it’s easier said than done.

A lot of us are wondering when will things go back to what we consider a normal life. But along with our physical health we must attend to our mental health too. Together, our physical and mental health will helps build our immune system.

Despite being at home we must keep a routine & here are some tips which could help you boost you mental health.

1. Exercise: since it helps release the feel good hormone called endorphins.

2. Eat healthy foods to build your bodies immune system. Eat fruits and vegetables.

3. Limit news intake: be selective about what you read and listen to. Choose credible, evidence based news.

4. Don’t overthink ( I do this a lot myself) practice silence and mind calming practices. This could be meditation, practising gratitude, active engagement in helping others, pursuing a hobby or a passion.

5. Call your love ones and stay emotionally connected.

6. Learn a new skill( a photo of me cooking )

7.Listen to music, dance and enjoy whatever makes you happy.

8 Spend time with your family.

9.Get adequate sleep.

Me Cooking.

This may go on for a long time (hopefully not) but time will only tell. Till then we must appreciate how lucky we are to have a roof over our head and food where we can practice social distance and stay healthy. I do understand it will be tough & some of us have anxiety, just try take deep breaths and let’s pray for those who are suffering.

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